Encouraged by the sell-out success of the first volume of 50by70, which was sold exclusively in Habitat stores, designer and editor Tim Fishlock joined forces with specialist printers PUSH to produce future volumes independently.

50by70 showcases the work of incredible artists and designers by producing large-format limited edition print portfolios, making their art affordable and accessible with an emphasis on the best production methods and materials available.

Tim Fishlock is an artist and designer living in London. He works on digital, print and 3-dimensional art projects. Key to Tim's method are themes of play, colour and interactivity. His intention is always to produce work that displays both industry and simplicity and hopefully raises a smile.

Based in London, PUSH prints for design companies, arts organisations, and the wider creative community, focusing on quality. In a digital age, PUSH champions the use of litho as the best way to deliver the highest standards of colour reproduction.

PUSH use vegetable based inks where possible. Over 90% of solvents used in the printing process are recycled and recycling initiatives are in place for all other waste associated with this production. PUSH are FSC and ISO 14001 certified with strict procedures in place to safeguard the environment through all their processes. All paper used contains materials sourced from responsibly managed forests and is a FSC certified material. It is totally recyclable and acid free.